Concert at the end of 2023 in the square in Viterbo

Finally the rich program of the city of Viterbo for the Christmas period: Three concerts, different in genre: Gospel, on December 31st the concert of the singer Cristina D'Avena, a children's icon. For the first of the year we return to giving the right space to opera with the concert held by the tenor Antonio Poli. The Christmas atmosphere will be made more exciting by the embellishment of lights. Spectacular special effects with immersive installations are planned in Piazza del Plebiscito. The lights, designed by Blancher, a leading company in the world, will be ready on November 25th. The market is transformed into a small village with the setting up of 22 houses, creating a point of concentration for traditional Christmas shopping which also enlivens the historic center from Piazza del Sacrario up to the shelter/Tourist Office. A tombola will be set up in Piazza della Repubblica. An open-air cinema is planned in Piazza San Faustino and a chocolate factory in Piazza dei Caduti from 22 to 24 December. The piped music will be the soundtrack of the city throughout the month of the Christmas programme, and there will be no shortage of street artists and creative workshops to bring Christmas to everyone. The Christmas trees, the symbol par excellence of the celebration, are set up again in Piazza degli Almadiani where a 14-metre white fir is planned and the other positioned in front of the Basilica della Quercia. They will be turned on on December 8th in compliance with the fateful date. For more information and the detailed program, we recommend visiting the social pages of the municipality of Viterbo.
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