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The city of Viterbo, despite being a city within human reach, has the largest medieval historic center in Europe, founded by the Etruscans in around 1200, it still has intact towers and architecture that make it a unique location to visit . Medieval Viterbo is also remembered for two sumptuous buildings, the Palazzo dei Papi and the Cathedral of San Lorenzo.

A unique event of its kind is the "Macchina di Santa Rosa" whose origins date back to 1258, re-proposed every year on September 3, where a statue depicting the Saint, about 28 meters high, is transported by 100 porters through the streets of the city . An event protected by UNESCO as an intangible heritage of humanity.

But Viterbo is also a spa town whose waters are famous for their volcanic origin, rich in sulfur and nitrogen, are strongly indicated for the improvement of blood circulation or for dermatological anomalies so as to be even, in case of need, prescribed through recipes medical. There are many structures nearby so it is only up to the camper to choose the most suitable one.

Biososta camping is a point of support for other innumerable local attractions, such as, for example, Lake Bolsena, the Archaeological Park of Sutri, the Ghost Village of Celleno, the fairytale town of S. Angelo di Roccalvecce, Civita di Bagnoregio and many more.

In conclusion, with a stop in one place it is possible to visit: the largest medieval village in Europe, protect one's health at the spa, collect vegetables at km0 and grill them directly in the common barbecues, discover the area with horseback rides from the nearby stables and much more. Now it is enough to start the camper and come and visit us...
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